Why I’m running for National Delegate


I want to first thank you for your service and taking time to be involved in your local Republican Party.  This is a watershed moment for our country.  Ronald Reagan always said that “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”  We are seeing this play out in front of our eyes.

We must defeat Hillary Clinton and elect a President who will preserve our liberty and fight for the Constitution.  It was an honor to serve as the State Chairman for the Ted Cruz for President campaign, and I believe that Ted Cruz can unify the party and secure our Freedom, our Faith, and the future for our Families.

That is why I am running for National Delegate. We have already seen Scott Walker, Rick Perry, Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush, and many others come out in support of Ted Cruz.  I am not being bashful in who I am supporting.  As National Delegate I will fight for a Unity Ticket with Ted Cruz as President.

I recognize that Ted Cruz may not have been your first choice, but I am asking for you to come together behind the one candidate who can defeat Hillary Clinton and ensure a Republican victory for President and the Congress.

As Secretary of State I always fought for election integrity, as a Council Bluffs City Councilman I always stood up for fiscal responsibility, and as Madison County Attorney I am fighting for justice.  I would be honored to have your support to represent Iowa as a National Delegate, to fight for the Constitution and the future of this great nation.


Matt Schultz

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