Tough on crime

I love Madison County, this is where my wife and I have chosen to raise our family. I want to make sure that Madison County does not become an easy target for criminals. As the Des Moines metro continues to grow, more big-city crime will spill over into its neighbors. I want to ensure that our communities and schools are kept safe. With five young children this is very important to me. Prosecuting criminals is an important responsibility, one that I will take very seriously.

Strong leadership

We need strong leadership on all levels of government, especially for County Attorney. As an Eagle Scout I was taught to help other people at all times. Public service is a great honor and a place where we can help other people. I have served on a city council and for the last four years I have been fighting for election integrity and supporting small business as Iowa’s Secretary of State. It takes strong leadership to stand up and fight for what is right, even when it seems hard. When fighting crime, we need a strong leader as our County Attorney if we want to keep our communities safe.

Community partner

Fighting crime is not the only responsibility of the County Attorney. Advising the County Supervisors and departments on legal matters is one of the office’s primary responsibilities. With my strong civil background I will provide professional and timely legal counsel and advice to the County Board of Supervisors and County Departments.

I will also be a partner with the citizens and communities in Madison County. I will hold public forums and meetings in every community in our County in order to receive public input on how to keep our communities safe.

I will also work closely with the County Sheriff and local law enforcement. They put their lives on the line everyday and they need to know that the County Attorney will stand behind them and prosecute lawbreakers.